Event Name:
NBVA Autumn Mixed Tourney
Registration Period:
07:30AM 14/May/2018 (Mon) -
08:00PM 24/May/2018 (Thu)
Tournament Date:
26th May 2018 (Sat)
Mixed AA
  Player 1Player 2 Team Comments
1 Rosie Van Epen Billy Cauvier
2 Alice Chen Derick Conti pereira
3 Chantal Tung Kai Martin
4 Nicole Tung Alo Gibbons
5 David Shepherd Sarah Nolet
6 Woody Raasveldt Sabine Link
7 Zack Plant Alice Rohkamper
8 Caitlin Cockburn John Chapman I wish I was as good as Sam
9 Sam Halley Peggy Rentsch MC Shaggy Wish we were as sassy as Caitlin Also, we have no idea how to ref, Ondra should cover for us
10 Elizabeth Graham Gregor Salvin Stood up. You will regret this Elsie Wang.
Mixed A
  Player 1Player 2 Team Comments
1 Wendy Liu Babak Bolourchi Sandstrom
2 Linn Mari Nyhuus Janno Jelistratov TheOeselian&TheViking
3 Arash Salehi Marina Dalesio Up in the Air
4 Patrick Weber Clementine Beraud
5 Vera Zoll Sebastian Fritz Spiking Eagle
6 Rachael Dodwell Kane Booker
7 Stefano Raimondi Danielle Thierrij
Mixed A/B
  Player 1Player 2 Team Comments
1 Gaurav Reddy Maria Granakova
2 Jon May Anne Leroy Sonova Beach