The NBVA Junior Development program is aimed at kids 9+ living on the Northern Beaches or other parts of Sydney. Run by NBVA and head coach Roger Jones, we are here to provide a fun environment for the kids to learn and play beach volleyball. 

You can now book your children's beach volleyball training by visiting our facebook page and clicking the Book Now! button or click straight through to the booking page. Training sessions are usually run Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Click through here for the complete schedule

Prices: $10 per session or buy a 10-pass for $80 (Booking required)

Booking required.

Divisional breakdowns:

Division 3 - For kids between 9-11 that are learning the game of volleyball. Have only been playing a short time (<6mths). OR perhaps are older (12-14), and have NEVER played before.

Division 2 - For kids that are 12-14 y.o that are still learning the game, OR younger kids that have played >6-12mths. OR, 15+ y.o and have NEVER played.

Division 1 - For kids have been playing the game for a longer time and show more advanced skill development than others in the same age group, at this point in time. OR show potential to progress to state programs. Likely to be advanced 10-14yo, or 15+ that have learnt and played the game of volleyball.

All sessions are being run on court 7&8 the most southern courts.

If you have any question please contact Roger on +61 (0)412 138 404  or email by sending us a message via contact us (select 'coaching' category)

The Goal

The goal of the NBVA Junior program is to establish the Northern Beaches area as a regular source of Beach Volleyball athletes capable of competing and winning at the Olympic level.

The program will provide a pathway through which a junior athlete can complete the journey from their initial identification or application, through a series of coaching, training and competitive programs and events, until they move on to either the National program or get to a point where they become professional and independent athletes. (Or both)

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