The NBVA Junior Development program is aimed at kids 10+ living on the Northern Beaches or other parts of Sydney. Run by NBVA and head coach Roger Jones, we are here to provide a fun environment for the kids to learn and play beach volleyball. 

Our page is under construction.  If you have any question please contact Roger on +61 (0)412 138 404  or email by sending us a message via contact us (select 'coaching' category).

We are currently in Week 3 of Term 3.  Alternatively you can come down to Manly Beach on Sundays from 10am to 11.30am to come and try!

Divisional breakdowns:

Division 3 - For kids between 9-11 that are learning the game of volleyball. Have only been playing a short time (<6mths). OR perhaps are older (12-14), and have NEVER played before.

Division 2 - For kids that are 12-14 y.o that are still learning the game, OR younger kids that have played >6-12mths. OR, 15+ y.o and have NEVER played.

Division 1 - For kids have been playing the game for a longer time and show more advanced skill development than others in the same age group, at this point in time. OR show potential to progress to state programs. Likely to be advanced 10-14yo, or 15+ that have learnt and played the game of volleyball.

All sessions are being run on court 7 & 8 the most southern courts.

Junior Beach Camp October 10-12, 2018 - Manly Beach

The NBVA Junior Beach Camp is the kick off program for Juniors in NSW.  This camp is an excellent environment for beginners looking to try beach volleyball with some skills to advanced athletes looking to represent NSW at hte National Championships later this season.  At the camp, coaches will also begin to identify elite players to encourage to join the NSW Beach Squad, the basis for State Team athlete selection.

*SVNSW will also be hosting the first Jr Beach Volleybal Tournament on Saturday October 13 at Manly Beach.  To register please click here (link coming soon).

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